Curosurf Amaxa Pharma Georgia

Dosage form

80 mg/ml suspension for endotracheal administration, 1.5 ml per vial.

  • Curosurf is the world leader and the gold standard among surfactants *, it is used in more than 80 countries of the world (IMS data, 2013).
  • Curosurf is a highly effective drug that contributes to a significant reduction of infant mortality.
  • Curosurf has a high concentration of active ingredients (120 mg) in a small volume (1.5 ml) that reduces the risk of damage to immature baby lungs.
  • Curosurf at a dose of 200 mg/kg is more effective and recommended by European and Ukrainian protocols for the respiratory distress syndrome treatment in newborns.
  • Curosurf provides a therapeutic effect from the 5th minute after administration

*Surfactant (surface active substance) creates a special film inside the alveoli and does not allow them to stick together during exhalation.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Pulmonary surfactants, natural phospholipids.

1.5 ml contains 120 mg of phospholipids.

Indications for use

  • Treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in newborns (severe respiratory disorder in premature children associated with the immaturity of the lungs and the deficit of surfactant)
  • Prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in premature children who are at risk of its developing or with existing deficit of surfactant

The maturation and functional capacity of the lungs are critical for survival. Based on the degree of prematurity, the lungs can be partially or completely immature and, thus, unable to provide adequate respiratory function due to the lack or insufficient amount of the produced surfactant. In such situations, newborns require the use of surfactant-replacement therapy.