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Each person is unique. From a genetic perspective there are no two identical people. Human bodies respond to the factors of internal and external environment differently. Health and diseases – are no exception. People do not suffer from the same disease identically, in particular when it comes to such a disease, like cancer.

There are many types of cancer, individual characteristics of the human body (heredity factors, bad habits, general health, previous diseases, etc.) have a significant influence to its emergence and growth.

Currently, cancer treatment involves standard regimens. Once diagnosed one of appropriate regimens is selected. However, in practice, patients with one diagnosis may respond differently to standard therapy.

Sometimes the malignant tumor can be treated poorly or do not respond to therapy at all and continues to progress. In such cases, cancer treatment involves the use of an alternative standard chemotherapy regimen, which also demonstrates its effectiveness or ineffectiveness only in the process. This leads to losing valuable time of a patient. Besides inefficient chemotherapy causes additional harm to his (her) health.

Caris Molecular Intelligence is a step towards the individualization of cancer treatment 

At the present stage there is an opportunity to determine the effective medicinals in each case – by molecular analysis of a tumor sample. Even a complex analysis allows determining both inefficient and potentially effective drugs for chemotherapy. Including those with diagnosed, generally are not considered (though in some cases it is not standard chemotherapy of the most effectiveness, but is one that is not normally used for this diagnosis).

Caris Molecular Intelligence is a unique test carried out at the molecular level. It enables the identification of biomarkers to choose an appropriate list of medicines more or less suitable for the treatment of individual clinical cases.

Caris Molecular Intelligence allows physicians to choose the therapy that shows the greatest efficiency in the fight against disease.

Thus, Caris Molecular Intelligence ™ offers a qualitively new approach: the cancer treatment, based on a comprehensive tumor analysis. Personalized cancer treatment, not requiring any destructive “sampling” of standard regimens, but offers those which are best appropriate for a particular person in a struggle against his (her) desiase. Caris Testing can be performed on any tumor sample, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, melanoma and other cancers.

The method of «trial and error» is no longer acceptable in the treatment of oncology.

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